segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

The Great Cabalistic Strategy For Twitter

I think: one a twitter´s guy have 50.000 followers or more. Everyday, he twitting, retwitting and... twitting. 24 hours. Well, one a very nice day, he decide to block 44.877 people. I am quite serious: 44.877 FOLLOWERS. Why? Cabalistic numbers. Do you know mystic numbers more than "1, 2 and 3"? Don't exist. Yeh, pure marketing, "1, 2 and 3" from "123". What a fucking hell this biggest indigestion numerals means? One a great promotion! See:
Follower's Fight

"50.000 Followers. I'm the great". "But, buuuuuut"
"Only 123 followers will continue following me"
"Are you ready?"
"Open season! Send me, please, one message/answer/reply..."
Listen to me, i know that i say, when wrote this post i had 123 followers. I am a writer, unfortunately, not the great. Buuuuuut you read this post. 1, 2 and 3.

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