quinta-feira, 5 de março de 2009

Poor's Happiness

Last night, i had the dream: "Twitter, 900.000 following me". Jumped, jumped, jumped, seeming sheeps. One after another poc, pow, poc, pow, poc, pow. I saw the light (of notebook screen). I check out e-mail boxes: messages from Apple, Delicious, MySpace and Facebook's Team. My brainwork had been high! The happiness will come crashing down on my head! Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmm! Awakening. Journal, wife, heat, little birds, cold coffee, shots, police cars, tax, big boss... no 900.000 followers, no Apple, no Delicious, no MySpace or no Facebook e-mails. "Sky's gone out". I'm going to Twitter, if not i sleep.

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